Thank you for welcoming me to the Burke Community.  I am enjoying getting to know all of you.  The students and I have been working hard and are uniting as a class.  The children are excited to have class jobs and have been working on organizing our class library so they can better search for books.

We will be having our first math test on Friday on whole numbers.  We will move onto multiplication and division in chapter two.  Look for the school-to-home connection paper on Monday.

In science, we have been on a nature walk and have classified living organisms into their proper kingdoms.  We are talking a lot about the scientific method and are training our minds to think like scientists.  I encourage the children to ask questions and make predictions.    Make sure you check out the wonder of the day on the home page of this website.

In writing, we are studying non-fiction writing and will be doing research on an animal and create a two page spread about that animal.  Our writing will include the many features of non-fiction text, such as headings, captions, graphs, labels, and so on.  The st

Dear Burke Families,
I am so excited to join the Burke Community as a Fifth Grade Teacher and Assistant Principal!  I look forward to meeting you all soon. 
I would like to first tell you a little about my educational journey.  I have been in education for many years and my experience includes four years as a fifth grade teacher, one year as a fourth grade teacher, seven years as a media specialist, four years as an adjunct professor, and a lifetime as a lifelong learner.  I have my undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, my master's degree from the University of Virginia, and have gone beyond my master's to become certified as a principal/assistant principal through the Leadership Academy from Salem State University.
I am the mother of three beautiful girls, one of which is currently in fifth grade!  She has promised to make sure I come up with the "coolest" of lessons for the students of Burke School.
I will be starting on Wednesday, September 19th and look forward to meeting you all on Back to School Night on the 20th!  Please refer back to this website as it will grow as I learn more about the wonderful Burke community.
Yours truly,
Amy Pasquarello, M.Ed.

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    Mrs. Pasquarello is a fifth grade teacher and assistant principal at the Burke Elementary School in Peabody, Massachusetts.


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